AWS CodeDeploy

AWS CodeDeploy is a service that automates code deployments to any instance, including Amazon EC2 instances and instances running on-premises. AWS CodeDeploy makes it easier for you to rapidly release new features, helps you avoid downtime during application deployment, and handles the complexity of updating your applications. You can use AWS CodeDeploy to automate software deployments, eliminating the need for error-prone manual operations, and the service scales with your infrastructure so you can easily deploy to one instance or thousands.

Key Links

API Paths

Add Tags To On Premises Instances (GET) /?Action=AddTagsToOnPremisesInstances OpenAPI
Batch Get Application Revisions (GET) /?Action=BatchGetApplicationRevisions OpenAPI
Batch Get Applications (GET) /?Action=BatchGetApplications OpenAPI
Batch Get Deployment Groups (GET) /?Action=BatchGetDeploymentGroups OpenAPI
Batch Get Deployment Instances (GET) /?Action=BatchGetDeploymentInstances OpenAPI
Batch Get Deployments (GET) /?Action=BatchGetDeployments OpenAPI
Batch Get On Premises Instances (GET) /?Action=BatchGetOnPremisesInstances OpenAPI
Create Application (GET) /?Action=CreateApplication OpenAPI
Create Deployment (GET) /?Action=CreateDeployment OpenAPI
Create Deployment Config (GET) /?Action=CreateDeploymentConfig OpenAPI
Create Deployment Group (GET) /?Action=CreateDeploymentGroup OpenAPI
Delete Application (GET) /?Action=DeleteApplication OpenAPI
Delete Deployment Config (GET) /?Action=DeleteDeploymentConfig OpenAPI
Delete Deployment Group (GET) /?Action=DeleteDeploymentGroup OpenAPI
Deregister On Premises Instance (GET) /?Action=DeregisterOnPremisesInstance OpenAPI
Get Application (GET) /?Action=GetApplication OpenAPI
Get Application Revision (GET) /?Action=GetApplicationRevision OpenAPI
Get Deployment (GET) /?Action=GetDeployment OpenAPI
Get Deployment Config (GET) /?Action=GetDeploymentConfig OpenAPI
Get Deployment Group (GET) /?Action=GetDeploymentGroup OpenAPI
Get Deployment Instance (GET) /?Action=GetDeploymentInstance OpenAPI
Get On Premises Instance (GET) /?Action=GetOnPremisesInstance OpenAPI
List Application Revisions (GET) /?Action=ListApplicationRevisions OpenAPI
List Applications (GET) /?Action=ListApplications OpenAPI
List Deployment Configs (GET) /?Action=ListDeploymentConfigs OpenAPI
List Deployment Groups (GET) /?Action=ListDeploymentGroups OpenAPI
List Deployment Instances (GET) /?Action=ListDeploymentInstances OpenAPI
List Deployments (GET) /?Action=ListDeployments OpenAPI
List On Premises Instances (GET) /?Action=ListOnPremisesInstances OpenAPI
Register Application Revision (GET) /?Action=RegisterApplicationRevision OpenAPI
Register On Premises Instance (GET) /?Action=RegisterOnPremisesInstance OpenAPI
Remove Tags From On Premises Instances (GET) /?Action=RemoveTagsFromOnPremisesInstances OpenAPI
Stop Deployment (GET) /?Action=StopDeployment OpenAPI
Update Application (GET) /?Action=UpdateApplication OpenAPI
Update Deployment Group (GET) /?Action=UpdateDeploymentGroup OpenAPI